Car Detailing Pressure Washer A Hit with Ford Dealership


A Ford dealership in Melbourne, selling new and second hand cars recently relocated to a new premises. In addition to sales the dealership cleans all vehicles that come in for repairs and servicing. Kerrick was given the brief to design and build a low maintenance, user friendly, hot water pressure cleaning facility. Our response to the design brief was to build an environmentally friendly two bay electric hot water pressure washer for car detailing as opposed to the typical diesel unit.

The 250 litre electric hot water cylinders are typical of what is installed in a home and has a factory presetting of 55°C. Kerrick pumps are rated to 65ºC so comfortably handle these operating temperatures. In a situation where the vehicle wash bays are used intermittently throughout the day the heating systems are able to keep up with demand. We decided to use a hot water system that has an upper element as well as a lower element; for faster heating when demand is high. In all the systems we have installed we have not known of a client to run short of hot water.

Kerrick opted to include a manually adjustable detergent applicator to achieve a sparkling clean finish. The 360° swivel boom above the wash bay ensures the hose follows the operator and does not get caught on car wheels. This means the hose stays protected and reduces operator fatigue. The high quality pump mounted in neoprene acoustic foam (noise reduction) delivers up to 21 litres per minute at up to 4000 psi. This gives high flow, high pressure power at very quiet operating levels. The control system is push button start and incorporates a time out auto stop. When pumping hot water you need a system that reliably shuts off after 30 seconds to prevent damage to the pumps.

In situations where the car wash bay is used continuously Kerrick installs gas heating providing instantaneous hot water. The feedback we have received is that these units are reliable, require almost no maintenance and provide great automotive detailing efficiency for the dealership. For more information on Kerrick's automotive detailing systems contact your local branch.

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