Fine Ash Vacuum Cleaner for Power Station


As a part of the maintenance programme for their bag house filtration system, a coal fueled power station in NSW purchased a Kerrick Heavy Duty Fine Dust Vac. The vacuum cleaner would be needed to suck up extremely fine fly ash on a near continuous basis during the filter change out process.

This vacuum cleaner for fine dust and ash pick is ideal as the filter assembly in this unit has an improved particle separation system and is ideal for resolving OH & S fine dust issues.

Despite the fact that there were large amounts of extremely fine ash in the bag house the Kerrick industrial vacuum cleaner was able to operate continuously without filters clogging and the consequential loss of performance typically associated with fine dusts and powders. The contractors at the power station gave preference to using the Heavy Duty Fine Dust Vacuum Cleaner over other equipment on site because of the unique waste disposal system where the plastic bag is vacuum packed into the bin making it easier and safer for the disposal of the waste material.

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Build up of ash on the power station's floor that needed to be vacuumed.

Build up of ash on the power station's floor.

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