Steel Mill Meeting OSH Requirements


Kerrick recently installed a hazardous gas vacuum for a large steel mill. The client uses electrodes to produce the electricity to power the plant and melt steel for milling. This industrial process produces large amounts of carbon dust, a toxic material that has long-term health consequences for those operating in the vicinity. To comply with OH&S regulations, the steel mill installed toxic gas and dust detecting monitors which found the levels were higher than safe working conditions.

The steel mill approached Kerrick with a brief  to construct and install a fixed vacuum unit that would extract the carbon dust and allow workers to operate safely in the factory. The solution was to fit 70mm stainless steel piping with automatic start/stop hose inlets coupled to a 30 HP industrial vacuum cleaner. A highly powerful motor was needed as carbon dust was a relatively heavy material that needed to be transported over 50 metres to the separator tank, via airflow. The removable catchment tank was designed with slots to allow transportation to the waste dumping site with a forklift.

The Kerrick vacuum has a push button start and requires minimal operation and maintenance which is an important feature as it means the mill can operate at full capacity without being slowed down. Tests have been run since the installation of the unit and the once toxic air is now pollution free, meaning the steel mill is now OH&S compliant and the workers can have peace of mind that their health and safety is in good hands.

Our engineers have the ability to design, fabricate and install units to meet various industry standards, from aviation through to hazardous materials. Call your local branch or send in an enquiry via the Contact Us page today to talk to an experienced technician who can help you find the right industrial vacuum equipment for you.  

Vacuum cleaner specifications:

  • Power: 30HP (22.8Kw)
  • Vacuum: 6200mm H20
  • Airflow: 18,600 L/M
  • Filtration: 115,000 cm² has automatic filter shaker 

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